ESA-BIC Flanders

In order to provide a platform for space technology transfer in Flanders, ESA, together with BELSPO and the Flemish Government opened an ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) in Geel, Belgium on 1st June 2012. This BIC, called ESA BIC Flanders, is the seventh ESA BIC site in Europe and is managed by Innotek.

ESA BIC Flanders aims to help start up or to boost the business of 10 new or newly created companies (in existence for less than 5 years) in Flanders that use pioneering technology originating from one of the ESA programmes for commercial applications in a non-space environment.

Innotek has teamed up with several partners who contribute to the successful realisation and financing of the ESA BIC Flanders businesses. The renowned research institutions VITO, SCK•CEN, IMEC and VUB B-PHOT act as technical partners. The Flemish government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology, IWT and the Flemish Investment Company, PMV are financial partners.



For more information, please visit the ESA BIC Flanders website